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with Matchful


Explore Collaboration Opportunities

Are you an investor, influencer, entrepreneur, sales professional, or active on social media?

Discover the perfect opportunity to thrive with us.


Equity Shares

Investment in Equity

  • ​Minimum investment of 10 shares with no additional responsibilities or tasks

  • Ditex tokens as a bonus

  • Yearly dividends

Active Investor

  • ​Option to purchase 1, 2, or 3 shares

  • Lower price - only 200 EUR

  • Exceptional bonuses available

  • Investor has to be active on social media in order to be eligible for shares

Ditex Tokens

Offering a weekly ROI generated
from multiple businesses both real-world and Web 3.0

Tokens available at:

  • Decentralized exchanges

  • OTC deal (purchase for better price)


Strategic Partner

Build your network of influencers (ambassadors)


Long-term revenue-sharing program for influencers

Social Media Assistant

Earn attractive bonuses by adding value on social media

  • Secure recurring commissions

  • Earn up to 20% from all your ambassadors

  • Get early partner bonus 10 or more Matchful equity shares

  • Earn Recurring Income Grow Your Audience

Monetize your audience!

  • Play a crucial role in expanding Matchful's reach

Opportunity to earn your own Ambassadors Promo Code!

Contact us at

Contact us at

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